The “Fees” charged by the Mount Vernon Police Department:

  • Record Check: $5.00 Local department only
  • Fingerprints: $5.00 (per card) Appointment required
  • Taxi Cab License Required (cab and driver)Codified Ordinance 763 & 773
  • Individual Cab License: $10.00 (per person)
  • Cab (vehicle) License: $25.00 (per vehicle)
  • Solid Waste Hauler’s* – Codified Ordinance 755 (residential in Mount Vernon)
  • Hauler (Truck): $25.00
  • *(must participate in curbside recycling and report two times a year on tonnage of recycling)

To obtain a license to operate a taxi cab or to obtain a solid waste hauler’s permit, contact Sergeant Troy Glazier at (740)393-9539 or